Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fwd: What I have learned...

I've learned that our past failures does not mean we will always fail.

I've learned that with every failure, every misstep, it helped me get to
this point.

I've learned that what I want in life won't just be handed to me.

i've learned that money is great to have, but money doesn't equal

I've learned that what I do is more important than what I say I'm going
to do.

I've learned that my gut feeling is usually correct.

I've learned that there is no perfect time to start. Waiting for
perfection means we never start.

I've learned that if you do something that makes you happy it doesn't
matter what other people think (and of course isn't illegal or harming

I've learned that I have to keep taking steps towards my goals even when
I don't see any results yet.

I've learned that changing from the inside gave me the results I wanted
on the outside.

I've learned that buying products that promise get rich quick type money
only makes the people selling the products rich.

I've learned that even if I had the crappiest day before, each day I
wake up is a fresh start.

I've learned that not everyone is going to like what I write. People do
unsubscribe from getting these emails. I've learned I can't take it
personally and focus on people like you who do enjoy them.

I've learned that taking action and doing something is better than doing
nothing. Even if it turns out to not be the right choice, it might lead
to another unexpected path.

Is there anything you've learned that you would add? Just hit reply and
share with me. Would love to read yours.

- Benny

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