Thursday, January 9, 2014

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My name is Atika M Nyamoti. I am an IT teacher and a web developer seven years experience in both. Information technology has grown drastically for the last ten years. This, you can tell by comparing the number of people who are able to send, receive and source information via web and phone based means. I am glad to have played a part in this evolution by designing a unique way where Kenyan high school students are able to download notes,  questions, answers, science projects and all other KCSE level activities for free. This eases Kenyan parents from spending highly on reading supplements. Manyam Franchise is a library of KCSE resources offered for free. click on the link below to start downloading unlimited past papers, revision materials and notes. :-D
Free unlimited past papers downloads which range from KCSE, District MOCKs, Continuous Assessment Tests, Science Projects and Schemes of Work (yearly). You can also access these services via (WITH PHONES)


Get all computer notes in one blog, all questions and all answers. College students and others can also source free information from here. Subscribe to get daily updates on your email account.  Click on the link below:

Other Services I offer: :-P

· Web design and web development. (HTML5, PHP, MYSQL, specialist in Wix and Godaddy development platforms.
· I research/SEARCH academic resources on behalf of students at a fair fee. PHD, Masters, Undergraduate, Post graduate students. Research centers and any other FROM THE WEB. read more
· Learn computer online from 4am—6am weekdays. Write to me or call 0738619279
· Career and IT talks
Thank you for reading through this brochure i will be glad if you connect me with relevant parties involved in these services. by forwarding this message.
Primary Business Address
BOX 40200-1189 KISII
BOX 01030-327 GATITU
Phone: 0728 450 425

phone: 0738 619 279


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