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Subject: Please Don't Make New Year's Resolutions
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Get Busy Living                            2014
Stop. Don't Do it. Don't tell yourself that you're doing to do more of _______. It's not going to work.

In two months, you're going to be back to where you are right now, but worse because you're going to be upset that you already failed. Then you'll slowly forget about it and go back to your old ways. By December, you'll be thinking of all the changes you want to make beginning January 1, 2015.

I know because I've never kept a resolution.

If you've made a specific resolution more than once, then stop making it again. The problem isn't with your resolution, but with your approach. You don't change your approach and that's why you're making it again.

Does this sound like you? If so, I'm here to give you another solution so you won't be like 98% of the people (an educated guess, but probably close) that start the new year with hopes of the best year ever, but fizzle out soon.

Later in this article, I'm going to tell you about a course I created last year that going to kick your butt, change you on the inside, and help change the direction of your life. If your life is good, it'll help take it to a new level.

Don't take my word for it. I'll share what some of my students have said.

First I'm going to share with you seven ways to help you make 2014 your best year yet. None of them include making a New Year's resolution.

1) Write down your goals

I told you to not make a New Year's resolution because they don't work, but writing down your goals is not the same as making a resolution.

There are many reasons resolutions don't work. One reason is because it is just an idea floating around in your head. It's easy to get lost when you have 70,000 thoughts a day. After that initial excitement, you will forget about it.

This year do something different. Write down your goals. When you write down your goals, you are making a declaration. You're saying you want to do this and it's not just a wish.

Write it on a sheet of paper or print it from your computer. Place this list where you will see it everyday.

2) SMART goals

Writing down your goals is better than just thinking about it, but these goals needs to be structured in a way that is going to help you.

Don't just write generic goals. Instead set SMART goals. Those are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Saying you want to lose weight is too general. There's no urgency. How will you know you have lost weight? How much weight? By when? It's too weak.

New year's resolutions are just as general. That's why they fail to stick.

If you follow the SMART guidelines your goal will be "I will lose 15 pounds by June 1, 2014." It's measurable. You can step on a scale and know. It's specific. It's attainable. It's something you want to do so it is relevant. It has a deadline. Without one you will just procrastinate.

Before I finish talking about goals, I do want to say one thing. I believe settings goals are so important. You might come across some articles online that say setting goals is a bad idea and they will give their reasons why.

I don't follow that. Set some goals. If you've never set goals before, then definitely set goals this year. Try it out.

Goals give you direction. You set the navigation system in your brain and it helps you reach your destination. If you're driving from Los Angeles to New York and have never driven that route before would you just get in your car and start driving or use your navigation to guide you?

If you don't use navigation, you still could get there, but it might take you longer and you might get lost many times along the way. Why waste time when navigation can get you there faster?

Set SMART goals in 2014 to guide you.

3) What is your WHY?

Why do you want it? Why do you want to make that change or achieve that goal? If you can't think of a strong reason why, rethink your goal. Are you doing it because someone said you should?

I bet that your past goals have failed because you didn't have a strong enough reason why.

Whatever your goals are you will face challenges. I promise you it's not going to all be easy. Change is hard. Doing something new is hard. You will want to quit. If you have a reason why you want to achieve it, then it'll push you through tough times, keep you motivated, and focused on your goals.

Do you know someone who had a high school reunion or a wedding and their goal was to lose weight before the big day? I think we all know someone. It might have even been you.

I had a friend that lost 50 pounds before his wedding. Before that he struggled to lose the weight he gained from years of partying in college. He wanted to lose weight, but just never had a great reason why.

What was the difference? He had a strong reason why and a deadline.

More money might be your reason why, but think about why you want more money. What will it do for you? How will it help? How will you use that money when you have it? Go deeper than the desire to just have money because that isn't enough to keep you focused and motivated.

4) Have an accountability partner

By telling others what your goals are, it keeps you accountable.

I had a friend's wife on Facebook post on day 1 that she was doing a 21 day food cleanse. That meant no sugar, carbs, dairy and processed foods. Sounds like torture. She followed a 21 day plan that told her what to each day. It was so hard because she craved foods she couldn't have. But everyday she posted a photo of something she made and ate that day. I commented early on that she was going to make it because now her friend were following along every day on Facebook. Did she want to announce that she failed? Probably not. She even survived Halloween and didn't just have one piece of candy.

She finished her 21 days and I bet if she didn't have friends to keep her accountable, it would have been so easy to just cheat or give up.

If you don't want to tell your Facebook friends, find one friend to be accountability partners. Check in daily or once a week. Meet for coffee or chat on Skype or Google Hangouts. Talk about the progress you made on your goals for the week. If you took a step back, talk about that too. Your friend should support you and motivate you to not give up.

One warning though. Be careful who you tell your goals to. Don't tell it to someone or a group of people who you know aren't going to be supportive. You know the type of people who think your goal is stupid or question why you would even want to do that. They don't want to see you change or succeed.

5) Take massive action

This might seem obvious, but it's one of the biggest reasons why nothing gets done. Usually you don't need more information, or figuring out what steps to take. You know of all that. You just need to do it.

If you're not too sure about all the steps to take, just get started. You will learn much more through experience. When you get stuck, you will figure out what to do. Don't worry.

Break down your bigger goals into smaller goals. That makes it less overwhelming. Make weekly goals. That way each week you can see the progress you're making. You can see if you're staying on or off track.

Then each day target what you will achieve that day. If you only completed what you wrote down and nothing else, then you had a productive day.

Massive action isn't just working hard a couple days or for one week. It's doing something over and over again. Consistency always beats short bursts of hard work.

6) Stop thinking of a quick fix 

Don't get suckered into promises your dreams can happen overnight with little work. Diet pills promise to help you lose weight while eating whatever you want. You can learn the secrets of how to start an online business, earn $1,000 a day, with no work at all. Sound familiar?

I know it's tempting to want the easiest and quickest way to your goals. Technology has made everything quicker.

Changing your life shouldn't be looked as a quick fix, because it's not. You're only setting up yourself for failure if you are.

People go to the gym for two weeks, step on the scale and lose 1 pound. They think they're wasting their time and they quit.

Don't expect that by February life will be amazing. It might take till next February or the February after that. It goes back to #3. If you have a strong enough reason why, and believe in what you're doing, you will keep going.

If you really want to grow as a person in 2014, don't only focus on the end goal. Focus on the process as well. It builds character. It makes you better.

7) Exercise

Get moving. The benefits of exercise aren't only physical but important to our overall well being. Exercise if you want to become smarter. You can do a Google search and read what research says about the benefits of exercise. I'll just sum it up for you: It's good for you.

You don't need to run a half marathon or do Crossfit. If you want to challenge yourself, either would be great way to push your limits.

Find an activity you enjoy. Sign up for ballroom dancing, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or a workout DVD at home. Go on a walk for at least 30 minutes. Don't walk too slow though. Walk like there is a pretty mean dog chasing you.

Are you ready to make 2014 your best year yet?

If you want a plan of action for the next 30 days to reboot your lifet, I can help you.

I call it Get Busy Living in 30.

It's not promising to get you everything you have ever wanted in just 30 days, or just read one email a day and your life will change forever. If you expect that, then this course isn't for you.

What it offers is a new beginning. To start over and do everything right this time.

I know what it is like to feel stuck and that every year you hope for change. I know what it is like to wonder if life will ever get better. Don't make the same mistake I made for a long time. Stop hoping and start doing something about it.

I created the course to share the best personal development advice that helped me finally turn my life around. After many years of frustration, I finally felt excited about life and had some direction finally.

In 2011, one year after I wrote a letter to myself to stop wasting life and do whatever it took to have the life that I want, I looked back and had my best year ever.

I spent months creating the content in a 30 day course that would be delievered by email. One email a day Monday through Friday. I liked the idea of dripping the content to you instead of giving it to you all at once. It's easy to buy a book, read half of it, and forget about it. With daily emails, you get a reminder each of those days.

When I released the course last year, no one had gone through it yet. I was anxious to know if it would be as helpful to others as it was to me. At the end of the course, I sent out an email asking how the past thirty days of going through the course was for them. Let me share what some wrote.


AWESOME Benny, awesome.

I feel many progresses in my mindset, my point of view is drastically changing one day after another.

I work harder, positively, more consistently, faithfully, I feel I'm becoming unstoppable, it took me many years to face my fears and really

start to live the life I wanted according to my values. It feel good to be back on track.



Before I started Benny's 'Get Busy Living in 30 Days' program, my life was chaotic. I had a multitude of projects gathering dust on the web and cupboards. Benny's program has helped me focus on what I love.

I've de-cluttered my life substantially, set goals for the next few months & year ahead, worked on my habits.

Now I'm in the process of launching 2 great businesses and I'm laser focused on my goals.

Thanks so much for your help, Benny. Your insights have made a huge impact.


I very much enjoyed the GBL course. Benny's messages were positive, inspiring, and uplifting. The daily steps to change the course of my life were useful and simple. They were not overwhelming and I was able to accomplish the accountabilty steps with ease. However…..completing the accountability steps took deep introspection. I had to take a hard look at myself, and that was uncomfortable, but a necessary step to being successful, as opposed to being complacent. GBL has changed my life. I now recognize when I am slipping into patterns that are not promoting my success, because I had to acknowledge those patterns to Benny, therefore holding myself accountable. During and after the course, I have committed myself to a fitness program, quit a job where I was miserable, and have made numerous and significant connections in the fields where I want to work-Music and Education. My life is different now. New people and experiences have come into my life, and I am a better person for this. I feel excited about my life, and I haven't felt that way in three years. That's 36 months, or 156 weeks, or 1,095 days. That's a long time of feeling stuck. Benny Hsu has truly taught me to Get Busy Living!!!


Firstly, thanks for developing this 30 day course.  I read the emails daily and feel encouraged to make a change, sometimes I'll reread them for a kick start if I feel like I'm hitting that motivational slump that seems so prevalent.  Honestly, there's been some rough spots.  I get distracted by the everyday things like doing the the 9-5 grind and just getting tired and lazy.  I know… excuses excuses, but I have been making some small progress.  I guess the email that's had been the most impact is the one that talks about not expecting grand results right away, that life will still feel normal and that the results are the effect of consistent compounded effort over time.  So I've been doing small things everyday to start off… listening to motivational videos/tapes, de-cluttering my workspace, getting rid of stuff that doesn't work and working on my resume.  I've also limited my time with relationships I've considered toxic, like my friends that feel that circumstances dictate their lives and fortune favors the few.  I'm still friends but try not put myself in situations where I'll be listening to all that negativity.

The emails are really a kick in the ass and I like the daily format, that way it doesn't feel overwhelming.  They're eye opening and you become aware of habits you didn't know you had.  Sometimes the truth hurts because you know you didn't end up in this situation over night, that every small decision you've made along the way has landed you exactly right where you are and that can suck a little bit lol.  With every action I take I feel some fear of the unknown and rejection but I also feel tremendous relief in the belief that it can change.  Thank you again for this 30 day course, it truly has been helpful.

If I was in the same room with them, I would have given each a big hug!

What each of these people had in common was a determination to change. Maybe they said enough is enough and was tired of making excuses, procrastinating and not taking action.

Strong foundation 

Wihtout a strong foundation, any attempt to build a house would be dangerous. Even the weakest earthquake or hurricane could easily tear down the house.

I don't want your foundation to be weak anymore. If you want to really change, you've got to get that foundation strong first. That foundation doesn't depend on how much money you have in your bank account either.

The foundation is between your ears. If you aren't mentally strong, you will only achieve a fraction of your potential in life. If you want to change, you have to change from the inside first. 

You have to learn to control that inner voice, change your beliefs, remove negativity, be more positive, and understand what it truly takes to have success in life.

If you're ready to join, the next 30 days are going to be a wake up call for you. I'm going to be your daily coach. You're going to take back control of your life. For some people this is scary because they aren't used to it. But I'd rather have all the power in my hands, than to rely on someone else. I'd rather go and make money than wait for the lottery to call me up.

The course takes commitment. Throughout the 30 days I've found the ones who have gotten the most out of it do the homework. They hit reply on the email and follow up with questions I ask. They re-read the emails. Or if something isn't so clear they reply back. At the end of the 30 days when I ask for feedback these people are the ones that have the biggest transformation.

What you put in is what you'll get out of it. That's with anything in life. The amount of effort you put in determines how much you'll get out of it. If you just exercise a little, you'll only feel a little better.

The best investment you can make this year is in yourself. Not a new TV, more shoes, or new clothes.

I know from experience that when your inner world changes then your outer world will change. It isn't the other way around.

Money Back Guarantee

Also I have a 60 day money back guarantee. I want make it a no-brainer for you and put all the risk on me. If the course doesn't help you, then I don't deserve your money. Period.

Go through the 30 days, then spend 30 days taking action afterwards. If you feel you're worse off or no different than when you were before you began, then email me and I'll give you a full refund. Keep everything.

Don't Repeat Last Year

I don't want this year to be another repeat of last your for you. If you did an annual review and felt like you achieved nothing, then you've got to do something different.

I always believe that if you do the same things, you'll keep getting the same results. If you want 2014 to be different than last year, then take a different approach.

Let me help you.

Join Get Busy Living in 30

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