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Maurice Nyamoti updated the page KCSEPROJECTS. View the changes below.

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$2.95 .Com at                    !

Are you looking for KCSE Projects Solutions?

Hurray! Finally you found us. Welcome to this home page. Here we provide solutions to KCSE projects namely Computer, Agriculture and Home Science but still eying other technical subjects in future. We started with Computer Studies and now we are spreading our wings across the board. Our aim is to inspire you pursue your project without stress and thus- 2014 is already here with us and within a few days of first term, projects will be rolled over. However I would like to make some things clear so that we are all out of trouble.

1.       I don’t make projects for sale

// this is against the KNEC examination rules and regulations. What I do is to guide and perhaps provide a prototype of your project. A prototype is an early sample, model or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.  Anything extra is beyond my reproach. My sanity and ethics will not allow. Try somewhere else and hopefully you know the consequences.

2.       This website doesn’t and wouldn’t carry examination leakages and cheating  of any sort. Our objective is to help you pass genuinely without much of a fuss

//If you did not prepare for your exams well, please seek God’s intervention and in any way we don’t want to be associated with errant activities

3.       If you want to pass your examinations, visit this website earlier enough as we prepare you with our revision resources, last examination tips, procedures, instructions and predictions. Those who have been here can testify.

// there is a big difference between just doing examinations and doing examinations to pass. The journey is long however:

"You would rather go slow so as long as you don’t stop"                    

Thank you!

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